The 10 Step Process for Perfectly Clean Air Ducts

If you run a commercial business and plan on getting air duct cleaning in Portland, OR, the following steps in the process of commercial air duct cleaning will help you understand the procedure and identify quality services.

Step 1: Arrival

Professional air duct cleaning technicians arrive at your commercial establishment with all tools and equipment necessary to do a good job. They use state-of-the-art equipment such as powerful vacuum trucks to thoroughly clean your air ducts.

Step 2: Building Protection

Keeping your commercial set up clean during the air duct cleaning session is important. Good service providers wear shoe covers on feet, lay drop cloths on the flooring and put corner guards to protect the walls before starting any work.

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Step 3: Walkthrough

They walk through the building to get familiar with the layout. They locate registers, points of access and furnace locations.

Step 4: Video Inspection

They even prepare a video showing your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system before springing into action. After the duct cleaning process is over, you are shown another video of the cleaned air ducts so you can see the results and compare the ‘before’ and ‘after’.

Step 5: Getting Started

Technicians smartly attach an 8-inch round vacuum hose to the forced and return air trunk lines via an access hole cut into the duct work leading to truck outside. This allows for the deep and efficient cleaning.

Step 6: Register Cleaning

Every register in the building is air washed with high pressure hose from the inside as well as outside. This helps collect the dust, dander, dirt and debris in their main trunk lines.

Step 7: Trunk and Plenum Cleaning

High-pressure air nozzle & agitation equipment is made to enter through all accessible supply & return duct work through a one-inch hole made into the duct work to ensure flawless cleaning.

Step 8: Furnace Cleaning

The technicians finish the process by cleaning out the J-trunk, blower compartment, combustion chamber and filter box.

Step 9: Inspection after Cleaning

When the commercial air duct cleaning is finished, you are shown a video depicting cleaner air ducts so you can see the visible difference your air duct cleaning company made. Once you are satisfied with the services, they plug the one-inch gaps and seal the vacuum holes using galvanized sheet metal.

Step 10: Wrap Up

All equipment and tools will be carefully removed from the building and the area will be cleaned before the professionals leave your building.

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