Why Air Ducts Cleaning in Commercial Spaces is Important

Seek to create a safe and healthy environment for your employees? Make sure you get your commercial space cleaned today. No, we are not talking about regular cleaning. Every commercial establishment must opt for professional air duct cleaning at least once a year to ensure that the employees working in the office establishment breathe air that is clean and germ-free.

An office building is as clean as the duct work of its heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAV) system. The air in the commercial space is circulated via the building’s HVAC system day after day. The air ducts of the commercial setting can be one of the most unhygienic parts of the entire building. Over a period of time and constant functioning, the air ducts in the building become the breeding ground for germs and other unhealthy micro-organisms like bacteria and fungi. Your air ducts are also a good hiding place for debris and dirt, all of which can be removed and cleaned only by professionals who have the right skills and tools for a thorough duct.Air Ducts Cleaning Portland OregonCustomers and employees spend a good amount of time everyday inside the commercial building and so the indoor air quality (IAQ) must remain under check. But what if we said you didn’t need to constantly stress about the quality of the indoor air? Yes, all you need to do is keep you air ducts cleaned so that they run more effectively and circulate clean and healthy air throughout the commercial establishment each day. Regular air duct cleaning not only ensure effectiveness of the HVAC system, but also its efficiency as it puts less stress on the system and helps you reduce energy bills.

Having clean air ducts can lead to many benefits. Some of those advantages of clean air ducts include:

  • Better health of customers and employees
  • Improved productivity of employees
  • Lower costs of health care
  • Lesser sick days
  • Zero contamination through air coming from the vents

We all know we need cleaner air ducts wherever we sit and work. When you a hire professional Air ducts cleaning company for their services, they bring along with them state-of-the-art equipment and machines that are used by trained and experienced workers. They assess your air ducts for gunk, pet hair, debris, dead skin, rodents, fungus and mold.  All this is removed and you are left with the cleanest air ducts that will now carry sanitary air safe for breathing.


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