How Commercial Businesses Can Benefit from Air Duct Cleaning in Portland OR

If you run a commercial business which includes a manufacturing plant or a warehouse, you are likely to have excessive dirt and debris that must be cleaned on a regular basis. Even if the surface areas appear to be clean, particles may get sucked into the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. These can enter into your office areas and showroom through the dirty air ducts, making it difficult to keep the area clean and fresh. The right solution for this is air duct cleaning done by professionals in Portland OR.

Here’s why it is advantageous to have your air ducts regularly cleaned in a Portland commercial building.

Air duct cleaning

Helps Maintain Cleanliness in the Office

Trained professionals come with specialized equipment like a camera system that can look into every nook and corner of your office’s HVAC system. This lets them analyze the amount of dirt and gunk that needs to be removed from the inside of the ducts. They vacuum, clean, and clear that area with a cleaning solution to seal the area and decrease the quantity of dirt coming into your office when the AC or furnace is on.

Targets Bothersome Odors

Having your warehouse or plant’s air ducts cleaned helps you cut down on foul smells that seem to resurface from time to time. This can be from chemical solutions being used in the plant or could be the exhaust from machines or fans. The technicians will come and extract the gunk and cobwebs that may be the cause of such odor.

Completely Eliminates Old Toxins

Resurfacing of items or heavy chemical treatments that consist of paint and other toxic compounds can expel fine particles or VOCs into the air. And even though some of the particles or toxins may be removed using a vacuum system, some may still be left behind to make their way into your furnace system. Duct cleaning decreases airborne pathogens that can cause respiratory distress.

May Help Alleviate Allergy Symptoms

If your employees are sensitive to airborne particles like pollen that may trigger respiratory allergies such as asthma attacks, Air duct cleaning on a yearly basis is highly recommended. This helps clean out any pollen or dust that is sucked into your HVAC system and lessens the chances of them being dispersed back into the office space.


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