Air Ducts Cleaning -The Right Way to Clean Air Ducts

The most effective way to clean your air ducts is to hire a professional air duct cleaning company that will carry out the process in a safe and specialized procedure.

The professionals you hire will use controlled methods of source removal for cleaning, as per the standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

Larger industrial systems have the space to let contractors enter and crawl through, or even walk in the main trunks or key parts of the system. In such cases, different source removal techniques can apply but not on the smaller systems.


Light commercial and residential air ducts can be cleaned by following a professional procedure called Push-Pull Method. The contractor will place the complete system under a negative pressure using a powerful vacuum machine with a big mouth. And while the vacuum is massively drawing the air backwards, he professionals will insert agitation devices into all the main trunks and its branches to dislodge the dirt and debris. The particles will be sucked in and eventually thrown out of the system. The vacuum power plays a vital role in cleaning ductwork

All NADCA-compliant technology and equipment is easily distinguished by the vacuum’s large size, the airflow, the multi-stage high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter banks and the independent agitation devices.

However small or big, blue or red – equipment isn’t what determines the level of cleanliness of the air ducts. Professionals do. If, for some reason, the result of the air ducts cleaning is not flawless you know the professionals didn’t do their job well. This is why hiring the right kind of service providers is important. It is important that you inspect the contractor’s work after the project has been completed. If the company can’t demonstrate their quality of performance on your request, you may refuse to pay until you validate the work yourself.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends you to get air ducts cleaning as and when required, preferably once a year. The frequency of the ducts cleaning can depend on significant factors like –

  • High occupancy in the house, smoking, intensive cooking, renovation and childcare activities inside the house.
  • Traffic and construction projects in the vicinity.
  • Furry pets that shed dander.

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