How Your Air Ducts Get Dirty and Demand Regular Cleaning

Air ducts that have not been cleaned in a long time can pose serious threat to your health. When the air ducts become dirty, there is a chance that the air coming out from the blower fan may kick up some dust or debris to throw it back into the air coming into your room. This can cause or aggravate allergiesso beware if you have asthma or any immune system disorder.

Also, they can hamper the performance of your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. The air flowing through the system may get restricted due to friction from the build-up of dirt in the ducts, decreasing the efficiency of thesystem. In cases like these, you should turn to professional duct cleaning.

duct-cleaning-servicesWhy you shouldn’t completely rely on the Air Filter

Your air conditioning system has an air filterto help remove particles from the air that you breathe. Typically found in the return grille of the system, it is the first part to receive the air while a blower fan behind this filter sucks in air into the system. This implies that your air gets filtered even before it reaches your system.

Even though the air gets filtered at that stage, it does not mean that all the dust, dirt and other particles will get trapped in that filter. Its chief purpose is to safeguard the air conditioning &heating units from any kind of potential damage bythe incoming particles, like debris. And while the filter may be effective for particles large in size, the smaller particles (so small they can’t be seen with naked eye)will often manage to pass through the filter to impede its functioning and contaminate the air. This is because your filter is not effective enough to trap tiny dust particles and contaminants.

The sources of all thatdust

There is more dust in your house than you will realize. Even when you keep your home clean by vacuuming, dusting etc. you can’t prevent your house from getting dirty. The dirt particles may be composed of pet dander, skin flakes and smallinsects. The wind may kick up additional dirttoo. But even though dust is accumulated everywhere and eventually enters the HVAC system, regular air duct cleaning will help you keep things under control.


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